Emily de Molly – LE 15

Hi everyone!  So I have a problem. It’s a purple problem. And a holo problem.  Put them both together and I can’t contain myself!  One day, when all my swatch sticks are done, I will post all the purple holos I own. I don’t even know the number myself, but there are a lot of them!!

So today I have a LE polish from Emily de Molly. A couple months ago she had samples and LE’s for sale and was shipping worldwide, so I had to take advantage.  She is located in Australia, but you can buy her polishes at a number of stockists worldwide – llarowe, Color4Nails, NailPolishCanada among just a few. You can see a complete list HERE

So LE 15 is described as a medium dusty purple subtle holo with blue shimmer. I love it!  Of course it is overcast and rainy here today so I had to turn to my OTT light and my microwave light to get the holo to come out. But you can really see the shimmer in the natural light photos.

The formula is perfection. 2 easy coats with my regular quick dry top coat.

So let’s start with the bottle shots, shall we?

Emily de Molly – LE 15


Emily de Molly – LE 15


Here is it under my OTT light. I don’t have a light box or anything so I have to run around my condo looking for good places to take photos.

Emily de Molly – LE 15

Here are a couple shots in natural gloomy rainy light. Look at that blue shimmer!!

Emily de Molly – LE 15


Emily de Molly – LE 15

BAM! under the microwave light.

Emily de Molly – LE 15


Emily de Molly – LE 15
Emily de Molly – LE 15

And finally here’s Chico way back in 2007 when I first got him. He was only 3 months old here.  He was so small and always underfoot so I had to get him a cat collar with the bell on it so I always knew where he was.  🙂 


Well, that’s it for today. Thanks for stopping by.
The polish in this post is from my own collection and was purchased by me.


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