Illamasqua Facet

Today’s mani has good news and bad news attached to it.

Good news:  It is still available to buy.

Bad news:  You have to pay big bucks on Ebay or pay big bucks to order direct from Illamasqua (if you are in North America like me).

Illamasqua is a favorite brand of mine.  Every single one I have tried, I have loved and this beauty is no exception!  I wonder why Illamasqua pulled out of North America?   I was lucky enough to find this when The Bay in Canada was clearancing off Illamasqua polish last year.

So this is not a typical summertime polish color (for me).  It’s a murky grayed taupe base with tons of bronzy flakies in there!  Look at that macro shot!!  It’s been so rainy and overcast the last couple days that I was feeling this murky color. Formula is exquisite! I used 3 coats for the pictures and topcoat.  All of the pictures were taken outside in natural light. Most of them are with overcast skies, but in a couple the sun was trying to poke through.

This is another bottle style where the square black outer cap comes off for ease of painting. I also like that feature because I hate it when you close a square capped polish and it doesn’t line up squarely.

Here, take a look at this beauty…

Illamasqua Facet
Illamasqua Facet


Illamasqua Facet


Illamasqua Facet


Illamasqua Facet


Illamasqua Facet
Illamasqua Facet

So pretty!!  And here’s the cutest pup, in my opinion…

Well, there’s another mani in the books.
Thanks for stopping by!

The polish in this post is from my own collection and was purchased by me.



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