Enchanted Polish – August 2015

Hi everyone!  Today I have a polish from Enchanted Polish to share with you.  Enchanted polish does a monthly “mystery” polish. You never know what it will look like until you receive it.  Being in Canada, it always takes me longer to get it in the mail than US people, so if I want, I can get a sneak peek at it. I usually don’t though. I love a good mystery!  These go on sale for a couple of hour’s as a pre-order, so they are pretty easy to get.  If you sign up for Enchanted’s newsletter, you will get an email about what day they will be on sale.  She usually sells 3 months worth at a time which is good for me (being in Canada) for shipping charges are about the same for 1 polish as it is for 3.

So Enchanted Polish’s Mystery color for August 2015 is a purple holo with blue glitter. You can really see the glitter in my shade pictures below.  The holo effect is pretty subtle.  The formula was good – a bit on the thick side but not enough to need thinner.  I used 2 coats and topcoat for the photos.

Enchanted Polish August 2015

I was happy the sun finally came out. Here are full sun pictures…

Enchanted Polish August 2015


Enchanted Polish August 2015


Enchanted Polish August 2015


Enchanted Polish August 2015

A couple in the shade to bring out that blue glitter…

Enchanted Polish August 2015


Enchanted Polish August 2015

And Chico checking out our “garden”.
We’re getting a pretty good crop this year…

♥ Chico ♥


What would you think of ordering a polish site unseen?
Let me know in the comments!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
The polish in this post is from my own collection and was purchased by me.
©2015 RealPolishFanatic

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