Sinful Colors – Easy Going

Hi everyone! Today I have a nice clean, simple mani to share with you.  Again, you’ve probably seen a thousand pictures of this one, but I just picked it up the other day and was ready for a simple mani after all the green/blue/teal polishes I’ve been wearing! 🙂

Sinful Colors Easy Going is said to be a dupe of Nails Inc. Bamboo White.  I don’t have the Nails Inc. (yet) to compare them, but they do seem close in online photos. Everyone said Bamboo White had a much better formula, but I didn’t find Easy Going very difficult to work with.

I found Easy Going to have a nice formula. I hold my brush almost parallel to the nail and glide on the polish. Do a thin first coat (it will look streaky), but a bit thicker second coat and a good topcoat will level everything out.

I did smudge a couple of my fingers doing laundry, so I actually have 2 coats on my middle & pinky fingers and 3 coats on my index and ring.  2 coats is definitely sufficient, but if you don’t mind painting 3, it adds a little bit more pink to the color. It’s probably not even that noticeable, but an additional hint of pink.  I think the color is most evident in my last photo.

Here’s the bottle…

Sinful Colors – Easy Going

Here is Sinful Colors Easy Going. 2 coats on middle & pinky, 3 coats on index and ring.

Outside in full sun…

Sinful Colors – Easy Going


Sinful Colors – Easy Going


Sinful Colors – Easy Going


Sinful Colors – Easy Going


Sinful Colors – Easy Going

I am really enjoying this “hint of pink” white polish today!

Here’s a couple pictures of our “garden”. My hubby loves hot peppers in everything, so we grow some on our balcony.  We’ve had a good crop this year!

Red hot chili peppers…

Habanero peppers…


Well, that’s today’s mani.
Hmmm, what to wear tomorrow?
Thanks so much for stopping by!
The polish in this post is from my own collection and was purchased by me.
©RealPolishFanatic / All Rights Reserved



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