Zoya NYFW Satin Trio Fall 2015 Antoinette

Hi everybody!  Today I have another polish from the new Fall 2015 Zoya NYFW Satin Trio to show you. 

Zoya NYFW Fall 2015 Satin Trio

This is Antoinette. Zoya calls her Purple (thanks for the descriptive wording there, Zoya!). I had to think long and hard about how I would describe this beauty. I came up with: dark, dusty, grayed aubergine.  I think that really fits it! 

Antoinette has an excellent formula. It doesn’t dry overly fast so you have time to work with it a little and just like Dagmar, this is another One Coat Wonder (OCW)!  For the pictures I did 1 coat on my middle & pinky fingers and 2 coats on my index & ring fingers, just to see if there was any difference.  Nope, not unless you hold your fingers up to a bright light. Then you can see a difference in the free edge, but in normal lighting and settings, a second coat is just not needed as long as you apply the first coat carefully.

So this is another Satin finish from Zoya.  If you look at my macro shot below, you will see this dried looking “bumpy”.  I’m not sure what that’s about. It’s not a texture or overly bumpy, just has a little bit of a roughness to it.  Really weird!  My base coat was super smooth, so that didn’t affect it at all.  I also have pictures showing the difference in finish using a matte and glossy topcoat.

Well, let’s dive right in. Here’s the bottle shot outside with an overcast sky…

Zoya Antoinette

Zoya Antoinette, 1 coat on middle & pinky, 2 coats on index and ring.

Here it is outside with an overcast sky…

Zoya Antoinette


Zoya Antoinette


Zoya Antoinette


Zoya Antoinette

Then the sun peeked out…

Zoya Antoinette


Zoya Antoinette

Here’s that macro shot.  Really weird roughness to the finish…

Zoya Antoinette

And finally, here it is with Wet n Wild matte topcoat, a glossy topcoat and the regular satin finish as noted in the picture…

Zoya Antoinette topcoat comparison


Zoya Antoinette topcoat comparison

The sun and clouds were so pretty while I was outside taking my photos…

And I will leave you today with Chico getting head scratches…

♥ Chico ♥


Well, that’s all I have for Zoya Antoinette.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
The polish in this post is from my own collection and was purchased by me.
©RealPolishFanatic / All Rights Reserved



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