Sonia Kashuk – Dime A Dozen

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure features a beauty from Sonia Kashuk.

03-02-2016 Sonia Kashuk - Dime A Dozen
Sonia Kashuk – Dime A Dozen


Dime A Dozen is from the Fall 2012 collection. It’s a grayed brown metallic with silver, green and pink flecks. In normal indoor lighting the flecks appear only silver, but in bright light you can see the colors come out. It’s really a pretty nail polish. This could be a OCW! (one coat wonder) if you are careful in applying. I have just 1 coat on all fingers but my index has 2 coats and topcoat on all. Formula was excellent. I don’t have many nail polishes from this brand. I know it’s found at Target and since we lost Target in Canada I have no way to get the brand. This is the second one I’ve tried and they have both been really excellent!


Sonia Kashuk Dime A Dozen, 1 coat on all but the index has 2 coats plus topcoat.

In the lightbox…


By a window on a bright sunny day…



Well, there we have it!
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