Essie – Labels Only – New Gel Couture Collection (In the Twisty Bottle)

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure features a nail polish from the brand new Essie Gel Couture brand. No where on the bottle does it say Gel Couture, maybe the display said it but I was so excited to see the polishes that I didn’t even look at the display! 🙂 These are the new Essie’s that come in the twisty shaped bottles. I bought two of them and today I am wearing the first one. *This is very pic heavy*

06-22-2016 Essie - Labels Only - New Gel Couture Collection (In the Twisty Bottle)
Essie – Labels Only – New Gel Couture Collection (In the Twisty Bottle)


Essie Labels Only is a dusty grayed lavender with pink shimmer. 

I’m going to go all fangirl on this polish now. 
You’re going to think they’ve paid me 
a million dollars for this review, 
but I promise, I shelled out my own 
hard earned $15 for this bottle!
If you like wider brushes (think Dior, Sally Hansen CSM, etc.) you will love this brush! This whole polish experience was stellar! The brush is perfection, the color is so saturated one coat is all you need, it dries shiny. It really practically applies itself. In my photos, I did NO cleanup! That’s how great it applied. All the good things you want to tic off on a great polish are here. My photos below are all 1 coat with topcoat except my middle finger I did 2 coats just to see if it added anything (it didn’t). I’m excited to try my other color now!
The only downside is the price. In Canada these are $15 (almost $17 once you add in tax). For me, a great polish is worth a higher price point. And this is a really great polish. I’m glad I picked up a couple of these to try and I will watch for them to be on sale, but at $17 a bottle, they are special purchases, not impulse purchases. Essie Canada, if you’re reading this, send me more colors to try!! 🙂 I even love the look of the new bottle shape. To me it looks really modern and fun. 


Essie Labels Only, 1 coat plus topcoat. Middle finger has 2 coats plus topcoat.

In the lightbox with added flash…
Outside in the shade…
Inside with indirect natural light…
Outside in the sun. Some of these photos are showing much lighter than the polish really is. But the sun pictures show off the pink shimmer the best…
Late last night I added a matte topcoat to my ring fingr and took a couple of flash photos. These are much darker than the polish is in real life…
And here are a couple pictures of the brush. The second picture shows the difference in a regular Essie brush and the new brush in this bottle… 

Well, there we have it!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

The polish in this post is from my own collection and was purchased by me.
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2 thoughts on “Essie – Labels Only – New Gel Couture Collection (In the Twisty Bottle)”

  1. Thanks for your swatches! Before buying any of these Gel Couture polishes, I really wanted to read reviews by bloggers who’d bought their own instead of being sent free samples by Essie. You’ve convinced me to try this ‘Labels Only’ shade, and ‘Twill Seeker’ too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This was an old one! I like going back and re-reading my old posts sometimes, so thank you for that!

      I did really love these and I hope you do too! I will say, I eventually bought a third color in this line and got horrible bubbles after my second coat. I don’t know why that one bubbled and these two didn’t but I just wanted to warn you. I have since bought a few more colors (on sale) but I haven’t tried any of them yet.

      Thanks so much for checking out my blog and leaving a comment, I love reading them!



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