Sinful Colors Holiday 2016 Santa Bae Collection // My picks

Hi everyone! Today I have swatches of three of the glitter nail polish toppers from one of the Sinful Colors Holiday 2016 collections, Santa Bae. I found these three at Target. They were not in a display, just in a basket on the bottom row of an endcap.





I started with a base coat of Pahlish Magnolia. I recently received this as a “mystery” color. It’s an off white/almond/vanilla color with teeny, darker taupe flakes and a bit of pink shimmer. Inside it really just looks like a creme which is why I picked it for undies. Formula was pretty good on this one after I added some nail polish thinner. I used 2 coats for my base. Here is what Magnolia looks like all on it’s own…

Pahlish Magnolia

I left my ring finger naked except for a coat of a pink tinged ridge filler basecoat from Pro-FX.


I’ll start with Sinful Colors Santa Claws. This is a slightly tinted pink base (maybe bleeding glitter?) with loads of golden shimmer, red and gold micro glitter, small and medium white matte glitter and medium red metallic glitter. This one had an excellent formula. The glitter came out and distributed perfectly. It’s a very easy and smooth application. I used just 1 coat with no additional topcoat. I would use topcoat if I was wearing this as a real manicure though.

Sinful Colors Santa Claws. Inside with flash…


Next up is Sinful Colors That’s Elfed Up. This one has a clear base with matte white micro glitter, small green metallic glitter, medium red metallic glitter and medium beige shiny glitter. This formula wasn’t quite as good as Santa Claws. This one needed a little manipulation to get the glitter to go where you need them to be. If you are happy with one coat of this it’s pretty easy to work with. If you want more coats, you may want to sponge on the second coat as it’s easy to get a lot of base out with the glitter which will make the polish too thick and you may get bubbles. I used 1 coat on the index and ring and 2 coats on the middle finger. No additional topcoat was used. It dries very smooth. I would topcoat if I was wearing this as a real manicure though.

Sinful Colors That’s Elfed Up.

Inside with flash…

Inside with sun through a window…


Lastly I have Sinful Colors Sleigh My Name. This is a clear base with silver shimmer (there is possibly other colors of shimmer in there too), small and medium shiny gold glitter and some matte white star shaped glitter. There looks to be quite a few star glitter’s in there. I did have to fish around for one to come out but it only took one try to get one. The gold glitter comes out and distributes very easily. It also dries very smooth. The star glitter is a little thicker and will stand up more off your nail, so you definitely want to topcoat this one.

Sinful Colors Sleigh My Name.

Inside with flash, last one is inside with sun through the window…



Overall I really like all three of these glitter toppers. Do you have a favorite? Mine would be Santa Claws. I like the red, white and golden shimmer and it had a great formula also!




Well, there we have it!
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