Baroness X -Revontulet & Fox Fires

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure is another new to me indie polish. Baroness X has a “Monthly Mythical Mysteries” series each month and today’s mani is from the last installment. You can read all about this series on her website HERE. I am not affiliated, just a new fan.

Both of today’s nail polishes are from the January Monthly Mythical Mystery series, or MMM as it’s often called for short. Each month she will feature a polish inspired by a different mythical being or object. One full size polish will also come along with other extras. The cost is $16 and the value is listed as between $18-$26. There are a limited number of sets available for sale each month and she has them for sale on her website from mid month to the end of the month (or until her allotment has sold out) and shipping will take place the first week of the next month. The polish is a mystery, but she does give a little hint. January’s hint (for this set I have) was holo but not purple or blue (or something similar to that).

So for the current MMM, February, you can order from now until Feb 1st (again, unless her allotment sells out first) and the hint is, “shifty polish-more hints later”. If you buy this MMM set, shipping will be from Feb. 3-6. You can see all the info and order it on her website HERE. Also, you can either order just one month at a time, or subscribe so you never miss a month.

So the January set was my first time ordering and I just got it in the mail yesterday. This one came with a full size polish and a mini polish (but her mini size is a really good size, with a great, full size brush. Some brands’ full size is 9ml and Baroness X’s mini is 8ml!!). For only $16! She also includes a card talking about the inspiration for the polishes.

Another thing I love about her polish is she affixes a painted cabochon of the polish on the top of the lid, so when looking in a full drawer of polish, you can see exactly what polish that bottle is without having to lift up 20 bottles to find just the one you’re looking for. (Is it only me that has overflowing drawers of polish??) I may see a new nail polish project in my future!! Also, the cabochon is on almost all of her polishes, not just those in the MMM!!

Baroness X Revontulet and Fox Fires

Unfortunately these polishes I’m showing you today are from last month’s set and ordering is over for these. But you can still sign up for the next set shipping early February.

So finally, onto the polishes. I’m sure the maker was not intending for anyone to wear these two polishes together, but I wanted to show them both off in just one blog post…

Revontulet is described as “linear gray holographic with purple to gray to green shifting pigment and sparks of holo micro flakie”. This has a great formula and builds up nicely in 2-3 coats. I used three coats plus topcoat today.

Fox Fires is a clear base loaded with white micro glitter and super bright, shifting, iridescent glitter. This can be worn as a topper, or as I wore it, with 1-2 coats all on it’s own. I really like how this looks on it’s own. Yes, you can see the nail through the glitter; it is not completely opaque. I really love it though! Reminds me of freshly fallen snow. I used one thick coat on my middle finger and two thinner coats on my ring and pinky fingers. Love it!


Baroness X Revontulet and Fox Fires


Baroness X Revontulet and Fox Fires


Baroness X Revontulet and Fox Fires.

Inside with additional flash…


Inside without flash…


Inside with sun through a window…




Well, there we have it!
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The polish in this post is from my own collection and was purchased by me.
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