Max Factor – Fantasy Fire // Comparison of both versions

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure comes to us from “over the pond” in Max Factor Fantasy Fire. The original version came out in 2011 and only in the UK and other parts of the world, but never here in North America. Back in 2011 I found a great UK’er on MUA to do a swap with me, because as soon as I saw it, I had to have it! The original version used a magical color changing pigment that has lovingly became known as “Unicorn Pee” in the nail polish community because it is about as easy to find these days as a unicorn would be.

In the photo below, the new version is the bottle on the left and the original is the bottle on the right (look at that fill line. If I didn’t have a bunch of backups, I’d be getting worried!!). Then the new version is on my ring finger (right on the macro) and the original version is on my middle finger (left on the macro).

Max Factor – Fantasy Fire // Comparison of both versions

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Illyrian – Oracle // Feb 2017 For The Love Of Polish Box

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure comes from a monthly nail polish box called For The Love Of Polish. The polishes in the box are Limited Edition and only available during that month. Today’s polish was from the Feb 2017 box which is no longer available. Check out their Instagram page (@fortheloveofpolishbox) though for sneak peeks and info on the next box coming early March.

Illyrian – Oracle


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Christian Louboutin Beauty – Loubichrome I

Hi everyone! I bought all three of the “Loubichromes” as soon as I saw them online in January. They are LE and I knew they would sell out fast, even at $30 a pop for a mini size. Good news, as I’m writing this today, from a quick Google search they are all still available online. You may have to go to a few different etailers to get them all, but it’s not too late to get them if you like them. These were my first Louboutin’s. I just had to have them as soon as I saw the packaging and the handle, especially! I’m a sucker for all things multi chrome. To me, they are like little pieces of art. I have quite a few pictures today since there are not many swatches out there.

Christian Louboutin Beauty – Loubichrome I

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Models Own – Duck

Hey everybody! Today’s manicure comes to us from Models Own, a brand located in the UK. There are a couple of Canadian stockists that carry this brand and they ship to the US. Looks like this polish is available at Nail Polish Canada as I type, if you really like it.

02-19-2017 Models Own - Duck
Models Own – Duck

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Sinful Colors – Pink Velvet // 2017 Kandee Johnson Collection

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure comes from the newish Kandee Johnson Collection from Sinful Colors. I have not been able to find these new Sinful Color polishes anywhere around me. I have searched the stores and nada. I wish Sinful Colors would more widely distribute the new collections to the stores they have listed on their website to buy them in. Of the big list of stores, I have 3 stores close to me and 2 more if I want to drive further away. And I can’t find the collections anywhere. I really wish Sinful Colors would just open an online store to be honest. Much easier to order online than drive to the store each week just to be disappointed. Ugh! I will step off my soap box now. 🙂

I found this while out of state recently and picked up a couple of the colors. They were very picked over in the Walgreens I finally found them at.

02-18-2017 Sinful Colors - Pink Velvet // 2017 Kandee Johnson Collection
Sinful Colors – Pink Velvet // 2017 Kandee Johnson Collection


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Rimmel – Zeitgeist

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure is actually a polish I had on about 10 days ago. I got news of a death in the family and had to leave town, so I took some quick photos before removing this for something that would last over a week. I’m just now back home and had to show this one off. It is an older, discontinued polish, and it is spectacular!  I have a lot of photos in today’s post!

02-15-2017 Rimmel - Zeitgeist
Rimmel – Zeitgeist


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Salon Perfect – Siren Song — And a Comparison with Absolutely Alice

Hey everyone! Today’s manicure was hard to get color accurate indoor pictures. The pictures all look very blue, but I would say in real life this polish is a bit more aqua, very mermaid-y. Salon Perfect is only found at Walmart. I’ve bought this recently, within the last 2-3 months.

It also brought to mind my very favorite polish ever, OPI Absolutely Alice. I knew it wasn’t going to be an exact dupe, but as I was cropping my photos it just kept reminding me of it, like a distant cousin or something. I did a quick comparison of them at the very end.

02-04-2017 Salon Perfect - Siren Song
Salon Perfect – Siren Song

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Duri Cosmetics – Kinky Pleasures

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure is from a brand you don’t hear too much about. There are not a ton of places you can go into a store and find them, but you can order from their online store HERE. I only have a few colors from Duri and all of mine have been found at stores like TJMaxx and Marshall’s. This brand is rarely seen, but if you come across them, pick up one or two to try out, I think you’ll like them. Duri also makes my very favorite topcoat ever!

02-02-2017 Duri Cosmetics - Kinky Pleasures
Duri Cosmetics – Kinky Pleasures

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