Max Factor – Fantasy Fire // Comparison of both versions

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure comes to us from “over the pond” in Max Factor Fantasy Fire. The original version came out in 2011 and only in the UK and other parts of the world, but never here in North America. Back in 2011 I found a great UK’er on MUA to do a swap with me, because as soon as I saw it, I had to have it! The original version used a magical color changing pigment that has lovingly became known as “Unicorn Pee” in the nail polish community because it is about as easy to find these days as a unicorn would be.

In the photo below, the new version is the bottle on the left and the original is the bottle on the right (look at that fill line. If I didn’t have a bunch of backups, I’d be getting worried!!). Then the new version is on my ring finger (right on the macro) and the original version is on my middle finger (left on the macro).

Max Factor – Fantasy Fire // Comparison of both versions

Unfortunately this magical pigment has since become discontinued for nail polish use so Max Factor came out with another lovely purple shimmer and called it Fantasy Fire. Nail polish companies really do their polishes a disservice when they take a beautiful, special polish that can no longer be made for whatever reason and just do something that, on it’s own, would be considered beautiful, but when given the same name as the “magical” polish it always becomes known as a “dud”. (Are you listening OPI with My Private Jet??)

The new version of Fantasy Fire is beautiful, but everyone calls it the dud version because it doesn’t have the color shifting pigment in it. If Max Factor had just retired the name and named this new polish something else, it would have been a better move. Nail polish companies think we are dumb and won’t tell the difference I guess. Little do they know the reach of the nail polish community. We always know what’s up, don’t we!!

So anyway, onto the polish. These are tiny little mini bottles at just 4.5ml. They do have a great brush though for being so tiny. You can still find the new version in the US at and sometimes you will see the “good” version on Ebay or other polish destashes.

The new version is quite sheer. I used four coats today and still have some nail line visible. The original version is even more sheer. It is just to be used as a topper over other dark colors. Besides, if you’re lucky enough to own it, you don’t want to waste it by using many coats to try to reach opacity. My middle finger has three coats of the new version followed by one to two coats of the original version. I had a hard time seeing and capturing the shift of the original one today. With the right dark polish underneath it will shift through purple, red, green, blue, orange.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire, 4 coats of the new version plus topcoat on all fingers but my middle finger has 3 coats of the new and 1-2 coats of the original version plus topcoat.

You can click on the individual photos below to make them larger.

It was so rainy and overcast today and I could not get good photos. Also if you see bubbling on my pinky and ring fingers, that is from my basecoat. I put it on too thick and got bubbles that I didn’t even see until I was cropping my photos. I hate when camera’s pick up and magnify every single flaw!!

Inside with additional flash…


Inside without additional flash…



Well, there we have it!
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