Scofflaw Varnish – Moonage Daydream

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure is a polish released earlier this year from Scofflaw Varnish. It came out in February of 2017 in a Winter 2017 collection.

I really love all the polishes I’ve tried from this brand. I just bought a bunch of them for a great deal on a Facebook sale page and this was one of them.

You can find the Scofflaw web store HERE. You’ll need to sign up for the newsletter to see when the shop will open again. She usually just opens for a short time then closes back up until the next time.

Scofflaw Varnish Moonage Daydream
Scofflaw Varnish – Moonage Daydream



Here in Southern California June is known as “June Gloom”. Everyday is overcast and cloudy. So I chose this polish to match the June Gloom that’s been happening for about a week now.

Scofflaw Varnish Moonage Daydream is a concrete gray base with red, pink and aqua glitter in a few different sizes and shimmer. The base was a little thick to me. Usually glitter polishes are in a crelly base but this was more of a creme base. Maybe that happened over time (since I bought this second hand) or maybe it originally came as a creme. Either way, I didn’t care for the thickness of it so instead of adding in some nail polish thinner, I actually added in some clear nail polish to make the base more of a crelly. I’d already painted my fingers before “the fix” so I tried it out on my thumb and I really liked that consistency better. It even had the shimmer standing out more.

The polish (before “the fix”) looked lumpy as I was painting it on too but it really smoothed out as it dried. I used two coats of polish and only one coat of top coat and it was perfectly smooth. The glitter comes out and distributes onto the nail easily. I didn’t have any fishing or dabbing required. I really like this one and it fit the gloomy day perfectly with just the hint of color in the glitter to brighten it up.

Scofflaw Varnish Moonage Daydream, 2 coats plus topcoat.

In a bright corner with flash…


In an even brighter, naturally lit room without flash…



My niece and her two dogs are staying with us for a few months, so I thought I would show off these two cuties. Chico and I are not used to having big dogs around, so it’s taking some adjustment, but we will all get along soon.

Here’s Aries. He’s still a puppy at 1.5 years and loves to play…

06-07-2017 Aries (4)


And here’s Todd. He’s a “teenager” at 2.5 years old and is calmer but still loves to play with his brother…

06-07-2017 Todd


And Chico. He’s not too sure what to make of these two monsters just yet…

06-07-2017 Chico (1)
♥ Chico ♥




Well, there we have it!
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The polish in this post is from my own collection and was purchased by me.
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