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Hi everyone! A few bloggers from around the world have come together to do a Blogger Collaboration post once a month or so. Today is the first one! This is a Q & A post to get to know each of us better. At the bottom of the post there will be links to all the other bloggers taking part!

Blogger Collaboration



Today I just have some questions & answers about my nail polish journey…

What was your first nail polish? I have a couple of polishes I kept from my “muggle” days (back in the early 2000’s) and one was Sally Hansen Nail Prism Pink Rose Diamond. I still have that one today.

Do you remember when your nail art journey begun? My obsessive nail polish “collecting” started in 2011 when I found the Makeup Alley website and the Nail Care board there. It’s been all uphill from there!

What is your favorite nail art technique? I don’t do much nail art, but I love magnetic polish and will sometimes stamp. I’ve tried watermarbleing and would like to get better at that.

What is your favorite nail shape? Shaping my nails is my nemesis! I’m not the best at that. I like a squoval look on me the best.

Would you ever wear artificial nails? Way back in the 90’s I had acrylic nails for years. Now I enjoy my natural nails, even when they all break and I have to super nub them. I do sometimes do a cured gel base but then paint my regular polish on top.

What is your favorite mainstream brand? OPI and Revlon – especially the old Street Wear Collection.

What is your favorite indie brand? This is hard! I love so many of them! I cannot pick just one when there are so many talented people making indie polish!! There are even fantastic new brands starting every month it seems! The brands I own the most from are Colors by Llarowe, Femme Fatale, Pahlish and Tonic.

What is your favorite nail polish finish? Another hard one. It depends on my mood really. I like multichromes and holographics because they can keep my attention when I’m bored. Glitter crellies seem to be making a comeback and I really like those. And a polish with obvious contrasting shimmer (including the magical “Unicorn Pee” pigment) are probably my favorite.

What is your holy grail nail product? The acetone scrubby tub (with a little acetone additive added to make it less drying) and cuticle cream are my must haves!

What is your favorite top coat and base coat? Again, I have a few I use in different applications but the basecoat I always seem to go back to is Nail-Aid 1 Minute Artificials and my favorite topcoat is Duri Miracote or Essie Good To Go.

There are my answers! Now you can go and check out the other bloggers in this collaboration :


Well, there we have it!
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4 thoughts on “Nail Q&A – Blogger Collaboration”

  1. I think both Revlon and OPI good nail polishes 😉 I’ve never heard about this base coat.
    So if you started 2001, you probably have lots of nail polishes 😀 And lots of experience 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just had a small collection from 2001, only about 5 survived my moves. Until 2011, that is when I started really buying and collecting. Yes, I have ALOT of polish! I love my collection! 🙂


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