Introducing: Jewelry by RPF

Hi everyone! I haven’t been doing many blog posts lately. There are two reasons for that: I got a new Pomeranian puppy, Gigi, who takes up a lot of time every day but I’ve also started a new venture: making jewelry with nail polish!

Right now I’m just selling on Instagram @JewelrybyRPF. Here’s what I have done and listed so far (the two on the bottom are rotating, double sided pendants)…




And those who want to see Gigi, here she is! She’s 14 weeks now and weighs just over 2 lbs. We think she will get to be 4-5 lbs.


06-05-2019 Gigi (5)

♥ Gigi ♥

06-08-2019 Gigi 10 weeks 1.68 pds (8)
♥ Gigi ♥
06-10-2019 Gigi (10)
♥ Gigi ♥


So that’s what I’ve been up to, hopefully I’ll get to painting my nails again soon!


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