My Anna Sui Collection

Hi everyone! I’m back with the next brand in my journey through my stash: Anna Sui! I am a sucker for pretty and/or unusual nail polish bottles and these are that for sure!

My Anna Sui Collection

I own 6 of this brand and had only worn 1 so far (click HERE to see that post).  I bought the 3 that look like strapless evening gowns in 2013 from Urban Outfitters online and the 3 with bird nests on the lid in 2016 from I, of course, love the bottles but last night while watching TV I kept wondering what I was smelling. I didn’t even realize these are rose scented! It was a light scent but definitely noticeable last night after applying these. Today I don’t notice the smell any longer. I haven’t worn most of these but most do have noticeable fill lines due to evaporation.

Here are the six I own:

My Anna Sui Collection

A close up showing the detail of the evening gown bottle…

My Anna Sui Collection 14

Swatch wheels:

Inside with flash…

My Anna Sui Collection
My Anna Sui Collection

Inside with sun through a window…

My Anna Sui Collection

As always I wanted to take a closer look at a few of these. I’d already worn S101 and I knew I loved 15 so from index to pinky here are 14, 107, 108, I203.

14 is square iridescent glitter in a clear base. I have 2 coats over black on my index. It mostly looks purple until you get just the right angle for the colors to pop. I like this one and I have an idea for an upcoming bracelet using this one so I will keep it.

107 is a barely tinted blueish green with blue and silver and and white glitter. I have 3 coats plus topcoat on my middle nail and I really like it a lot. You would have visible nail line for sure but on my shorties I’m enjoying this one.

108 is a watery green aqua. This is just meant to be layered over glitter or used as a stained glass look but I’m showing what it looks like with 3 coats on its own. Then I added about 2 quick coats over 107 and made me love that one even more.

My Anna Sui Collection: 107 with 108 on top, 108 on its own

I203 looks to be a pretty purple to gold duo chrome in the bottle but I’m not seeing any shift on my nail.  It’s still really pretty though. I have 2 coats plus topcoat on my pinky nail.

Inside with flash…

My Anna Sui Collection: 14, 107, 108, I203

Inside without flash…

My Anna Sui Collection: 14, 107, 108, I203
My Anna Sui Collection: 14, 107, 108, I203

Inside with sun through the window…

My Anna Sui Collection: 14, 107, 108, I203
My Anna Sui Collection: 14, 107, 108, I203

It’s hard for me to get rid of any of these with the pretty bottles but I’m going to tentatively place 108 and I203 into my purge box.

Well, there we have it!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

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