My B Polished Nail Lacquer Collection

Hey everyone! I’m up to the B’s in my journey through my stash. I have some big brands in this category, but this first brand has just 2 polishes.

Here I will share my B Polished Nail Lacquer collection.

B Polished: Bubblicious and One Hella-va Ride

This is a brand started by a blogger, The Polished Mommy. I don’t know if she is still in business or not. There are still listings up in her webstore, but there has not been a blog post since 2017 or an Instagram post since 2019.

I own just 2 from this brand. I had not worn either of them before this.

  • Bubblicious was purchased from Polish Pickup in Feb 2018. It was described as, “a dusty teal to pink thermal loaded with color shifting shimmer, glass fleck, holo flakes and has a mild bubblegum scent”. This has definitely died. There was no pink change at all and just a very slight change from a medium blue to a lighter blue. I still love the color it has died in and it has an excellent formula and a nice brush. The brush is wide and the bristles are straight across.
B Polished: Bubblicious
  • One Hella-va Ride I received this in the VIP bag at the May 2018 Indie Shop in California. This is a black base with a lot of green shimmer, multi colored flakies and some holo glitter. I love this one! It also had an excellent formula and brush.
B Polished: One Hella-va Ride

Here they are on my nails:

Inside with flash…

B Polished: Bubblicious and One Hella-va Ride
B Polished: Bubblicious and One Hella-va Ride
B Polished: Bubblicious and One Hella-va Ride

Inside in natural light by a window…

B Polished: Bubblicious and One Hella-va Ride
B Polished: Bubblicious and One Hella-va Ride

I really like both of these, so they will both be staying in my collection.

Well, there we have it!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

The polish in this post is from my own collection and was purchased by me.
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