My Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend Collection

Hi everyone! The next brand on my journey through my stash is Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend.  This is a Russian brand of polish made in collaboration with a Russian blogger, Anna Gorelova.

My Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend Collection

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My Anchor & Heart Collection

Hi everyone! The next brand on my spreadsheet to talk about is Anchor & Heart Lacquer. Here is my whole collection.

Anchor & Heart Lacquer

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Duri Cosmetics Below Zero Collection // January 2021


Hi everyone! I’m taking a break from my journey through my stash to bring you this excellent new collection from Duri Cosmetics. I was sent this collection to swatch and give my honest review. You can find this collection and all the other lovely Duri products at

Duri Cosmetics Below Zero Collection

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Amy’s Nail Boutique

Hi everyone! Continuing on with my journey through my stash I have Amy’s Nail Boutique. This is another oldie Indie polish maker who seems to not be in business anymore. Do you own any of this brand?

Amy’s Nail Boutique: One Sweet World & Roxy

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Alter Ego Nail Enamel

Hi everyone! I’m working my way through the A’s on my spreadsheet. I just counted and I have 16 brands that start with A (including those I’ve already done). I’m up to Alter Ego.

Alter Ego Polish: 5th Century Indian Nut, Crusader, Well Read, Forever In Amber, Spring Rain

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Alta Costura Vernis – Envious & Sweet Tooth

Hey everyone! We’re going way back to 2012 with this brand! I think they opened and closed all in that year. Do any of you own this brand?

Alta Costura Vernis: Envious & Sweet Tooth

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A England – Purple/Gray Skittles

Hi everyone! I’m back with another skittle mani using A England polish.  These are purple / purple gray. I broke two nails in the shower (!) the other day so I’m back to nubbins.

A England: Wuthering Heights, Jane Morris, Dancing with Nureyev, Lady of the Lake

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