Flakie Week Continues… Layla Ceramic Effect CE 52 & Urban Outfitters Mystic

Hey everyone!  Today, flakie week continues with Layla CE 52 and Urban Outfitters Mystic.  In the bottle these two polishes look pretty similar. But on the nail, CE 52 has more of a purple base whereas Mystic’s base is more blue. 

This is not an ideal pairing of these polishes. They look ok together, but I wanted to compare them together on the nail.

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Nfu-Oh 55 – Flakie Goodness

Happy Monday everyone!  Today I have Nfu-Oh 55 (pronounced enfu-oh) to share with you. This is a grassy green base with green shimmer and orange flakies.  I was able to build it up nicely on it’s own with 3 coats and topcoat.  I didn’t even think to layer this over black before taking my pictures because I really like the base color on its own.  Over black it does really help the shimmer and flakies to pop, but I’m still happy with 3 coats by itself.

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ILNP Birefringence & ILNP Supernova

Happy Saturday everyone! I have so many pictures of today’s mani y’all (excuse me, my “southern” comes out when I’m excited!!)!  I lived in SC for 10 years. 🙂

I’ve always loved duo chrome polishes. My husband even had a car in the 90’s that changed color from blue to green.  In the last few years, indie polish makers have come out with multi chrome polishes. Man, I love them so much!  THEN last year came the Ultra chrome flakies.  I’ve only picked up 3 of these Ultra chrome’s from ILNP, but I love them and need more!!

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Rescue Beauty Lounge AH, OUI — Spring 2015 Je t’aime, Je’ t’aime! Collection

Hey everyone!  Today’s mani was impossible for me to get color accurate pictures of.  I finally took a couple of (bad) pictures inside with flash and those came out the closest to how it looks in real life. 

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Color Club Ulterior Motive

Hi everyone!  Happy Canada Day!  No red & white mani for me (yet). 🙂

Today I have another Color Club polish to share.  I am swatching my whole collection on those plastic swatch sticks and I’ve been working on Color Club which is why we’ve seen so many from that brand lately.  I’m done with the swatches for Color Club, so will be moving on to another brand soon.

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Illamasqua Facet

Today’s mani has good news and bad news attached to it.

Good news:  It is still available to buy.

Bad news:  You have to pay big bucks on Ebay or pay big bucks to order direct from Illamasqua (if you are in North America like me).

Illamasqua is a favorite brand of mine.  Every single one I have tried, I have loved and this beauty is no exception!  I wonder why Illamasqua pulled out of North America?   I was lucky enough to find this when The Bay in Canada was clearancing off Illamasqua polish last year.

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Covergirl Outlast Out Of The Blue & Cirque Colors Cabana Capri & Color Club Sexy Siren

Hey everyone!  Today’s mani features Covergirl Outlast in Out Of The Blue.  I would call this shade Mediterranean or Marine Blue. I didn’t realize you were supposed to wear this polish without topcoat, so the pictures do have topcoat. I did not topcoat my right hand though and it is just as shiny and it dried really quick too.  Sorry, no pictures of the right hand.  I also love that the square cap comes off for ease of painting. This polish was released in Spring 2013.

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