My Anna Sui Collection

Hi everyone! I’m back with the next brand in my journey through my stash: Anna Sui! I am a sucker for pretty and/or unusual nail polish bottles and these are that for sure!

My Anna Sui Collection

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Anna Sui Nails – S101

Hi everyone! So I joined Pinterest about three years ago and at that time I went and made a separate Pinterest board for every brand of polish that I own. When I do a blog post about a polish I add a photo to that brands’ Pinterest board. Here I am three years later and some of my brand boards are still empty, meaning I have not used a polish from that brand!! So I am starting a personal Pinterest challenge. Every now and then I will scroll through my Pinterest boards looking for an empty board and that will be the brand I use that day.

Today’s manicure comes from one of those brands. If you’d like to check out my Pinterest boards, click HERE.

Anna Sui - S101
Anna Sui – S101

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