My Azature Nail Polish Collection

Hey everyone! I’m back with the next brand on my spreadsheet, Azature Nail Lacquer.

My Azature Nail Lacquer Collection

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Azature Gelgasm – Diego

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure comes to us from a more economical offshoot called Gelgasm from the original brand Azature. Gelgasm has been around for about a year now. You can find these polishes on the Azature website HERE, but if you want to save a few dollars each, check out Skyline Beauty‘s website. That’s where I ordered from. Skyline has a “flash sale” everyday. It can range from one or two items to over a hundred. I bought a few Azature nail polishes a couple weeks ago from one of the flash sales. I will mention that my Skyline Azature polishes did not come with a box and when I’ve ordered directly from Azature in the past, they did come in individual boxes. I am not affiliated with Azature or Skyline Beauty.

Azature Gelgasm - Diego
Azature Gelgasm – Diego

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