Christian Louboutin Beauty – Loubichrome I

Hi everyone! I bought all three of the “Loubichromes” as soon as I saw them online in January. They are LE and I knew they would sell out fast, even at $30 a pop for a mini size. Good news, as I’m writing this today, from a quick Google search they are all still available online. You may have to go to a few different etailers to get them all, but it’s not too late to get them if you like them. These were my first Louboutin’s. I just had to have them as soon as I saw the packaging and the handle, especially! I’m a sucker for all things multi chrome. To me, they are like little pieces of art. I have quite a few pictures today since there are not many swatches out there.

Christian Louboutin Beauty – Loubichrome I

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