China Glaze – Immortal & Enchanted Polish – To Die For

Hello everyone!  Today I have China Glaze Immortal with Enchanted Polish To Die For added at the end.  I like to try to show you a mani every step of the way because so many times I’ve seen a post on a blog with the finished mani (stamped or with glitter or whatever) and I wonder to myself, “I wish I could see this mani before they changed it up”. So I try to do that in case you like to see.

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Update: Enchanted Polish Vampires Suck with ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) Pumpkinhead

Hey everyone! I had to do a quick second post today. I have this old school ILNP Pumpkinhead polish sitting on my desk because it’s a part of my next mani and I thought, “Hmmm…I wonder what this would look like over Vampires Suck?”  So I did it.  And then I mattified it.  And I took some pictures both ways to show you all.  I’m not going to say much, just show you the pictures. 

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Enchanted Polish – August 2015

Hi everyone!  Today I have a polish from Enchanted Polish to share with you.  Enchanted polish does a monthly “mystery” polish. You never know what it will look like until you receive it.  Being in Canada, it always takes me longer to get it in the mail than US people, so if I want, I can get a sneak peek at it. I usually don’t though. I love a good mystery!  These go on sale for a couple of hour’s as a pre-order, so they are pretty easy to get.  If you sign up for Enchanted’s newsletter, you will get an email about what day they will be on sale.  She usually sells 3 months worth at a time which is good for me (being in Canada) for shipping charges are about the same for 1 polish as it is for 3.

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