MDJ Creations – Purity // Come Alive Collection

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure is a pretty one from MDJ Creations. You can find her Etsy web store HERE. Looks like this one is still available, as of my writing this post anyway, if you like it! I am not affiliated with MDJ Creations.

MDJ Creations Purity
MDJ Creations – Purity // Come Alive Collection

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MDJ Creations – Da Vinci

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long break! I had family in town for a week then immediately had to go out of town myself for a week. I’m back home now and couldn’t wait to get my manicure done this morning with this beauty from MDJ Creations! I got this in the mail right before I left and had to choose it this morning to put on!

You can find this and many more pretty things on the Etsy shop HERE. I bought this as a duo with another polish called Michelangelo, but that one seems to be sold out right now. Da Vinci is still available as of my writing this post. I am not affiliated with MDJ Creations.

04-29-2017 MDJ Creations - Da Vinci -- RealPolishFanatic
MDJ Creations – Da Vinci

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MDJ Creations – Beauty

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure comes from a new to me Indie brand called MDJ Creations. The package was packed really well and she threw in a couple freebies. I got a small cabochon magnet painted with polish, a small amount of loose glitter to use on a mani and a mini polish. That was all very nice! You can find this shop on Etsy. It looks like they are on a little break, but will be returning shortly.

MDJ Creations - Beauty
MDJ Creations – Beauty

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