Milani – Beach Front

Hi everyone! Just a quick post today. I found this old Milani at TJ Maxx last month and picked it up for a couple dollars. I love the formula on these old style bottles! To be fair, I haven’t tried any of the newer style bottles though.

Milani - Beach Front
Milani – Beach Front

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Milani – Totally Cool

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure is another stunner from Milani. I remember the first time I saw this posted on the MUA nail board, I had to track it down! This was way back in 2011. This polish is very aptly named and I really love it! If you hurry, there are a few on Amazon very reasonably priced.

01-31-2017 Milani.jpg
Milani – Totally Cool


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Milani – Chocolate Sprinkles with Sugar Rim accent

Hey everyone! Today’s manicure is a nice combo with both polishes coming from Milani. These are older Milani polishes. They have since changed their bottle style.

Milani – Chocolate Sprinkles with Sugar Rim accent

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Nicole by OPI – Love Song & Milani – Sugar Coated

Hi everyone! I’ve been so busy this week and will be for the next month to six weeks. I’m going to post as often as I can, but it won’t be as much as usual. I should be back on track by September at the latest. Today’s manicure is a fun combo of purple and lime green.

I’m going to start by saying I am super impressed with the wear of this manicure! I’ve had this on since Sunday afternoon and I took the pictures today (Thursday) early afternoon. Not a single chip or anything. Love it!

07-14-2016 Nicole by OPI - Love Song & Milani - Sugar Coated
Nicole by OPI – Love Song & Milani – Sugar Coated

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