Nail Pattern Boldness – The Headless Horseman

Hey everyone! Today I have another Halloween type mani to share! This is from Nail Pattern Boldness. I first bought polishes from her way back in 2012. She used to be a regular poster on Makeup Alley back then (when I was just a lurker) and she was one of the first indies I bought from. She’s quietly been around since then, you don’t hear about her too often. I got an email a couple weeks ago that she was having a closeout clearance sale in her Etsy shop. She’s quitting making polish except for her base and top coats. So she’s selling grab bags of “however many fit in a flat rate padded envelope” for $25.00. Shipping is included but I had to pay a little extra in tax. What a great deal! I ended up with 12 polishes in my mystery bag and this was one of them!

Nail Pattern Boldness - The Headless Horseman
Nail Pattern Boldness – The Headless Horseman

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