Nvr Enuff – Prototype

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure comes from Nvr Enuff. Every now and then they put some prototypes up for sale and if you’re lucky, you’re able to grab a few; usually you need some fast fingers. I was lucky and got five in the last restock and this was one of them.

Nvr Enuff - Prototype
Nvr Enuff – Prototype

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Nvr Enuff – Queen Frostine // 2015 Candy Land Collection

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure was another polish I picked up at the Indie Shop last month. This one comes from Nvr Enuff. Queen Frostine first came out in early 2015 in the Candy Land Collection. I’m still pretty new to this brand, so I’m not sure how their web store works, but you can find it HERE.

Nvr Enuff Queen Frostine
Nvr Enuff – Queen Frostine // 2015 Candy Land Collection

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Nvr Enuff – Dude-icorn Fire

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure is from a ‘new to me’ brand. I went a little crazy at the Indie Shop, especially at the Nvr Enuff table! They had a long line the whole time I was there, so I figured they had to have a great product! I also won a little discount on their spin to win, so that helped!

It was hard to chose which one to try first, but I haven’t worn a red in awhile, so I went with this one. I’ll be honest, I don’t know a lot about this brand but I did join their Facebook fan group and I look forward to seeing what the brand is all about. They have a Big Cartel store, but it is closed right now. Keep an eye on it to open back up soon with a restock. You can find the store HERE once it opens. I am not affiliated with Nvr Enuff.

Nvr Enuff - Dude-icorn Fire
Nvr Enuff – Dude-icorn Fire

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The Indie Shop – Torrance, CA – May 2017

Hi everyone! Last weekend was The Indie Shop in Torrance, CA. This was my first time going to one of these nail polish conventions, but they are popping up all over the country and even in Canada and Australia too! There are a few different conventions happening; The Indie Shop, Polish Con, Indie Expo Canada, and Aussie Indie Con.

The next one in the US that I’m aware of is another from The Indie Shop. This time it will be on July 29, 2017 in the San Francisco Bay area. If you are in the Toronto, Canada area, Indie Expo Canada is June 3-4, 2017 and Australia’s Aussie Indie Con is on June 17, 2017 (I wish I could go to that one!!) I do not know if tickets are still available to either of those international ones, but The Indie Shop’s Bay Area has not gone on sale yet.

So, continue reading to see pictures and my haul from The Indie Shop last weekend.

05-13-2017 The Indie Shop - Torrance, CA - May 2017
The Indie Shop – Torrance, CA – May 2017

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