Pahlish – The Bell Witch

Hi everyone! Today I have a nice palette cleanser polish to share with you. This polish started out as a Sample Batch from Pahlish but it sold out so quickly and there were so many people who still wanted it, Shannon brought it back again for purchase. I was one who missed it as a sample batch so I was so happy when she re-released it! The best news is, it is still available at! I am not affiliated.

pahlish - the bell witch
Pahlish – The Bell Witch

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Pahlish – Mummy’s Boy Sample Batch // October 2018

Hi everyone! Today ‘s manicure is a recent Sample Batch from Pahlish. She sold this a couple weeks ago as a mystery but had some stickers left over so put it up for sale in her shop until it’s gone. This comes with a cute mummy sticker that Mr. Pahlish designed.  You can find this and other great colors from Pahlish HERE. I am not affiliated.

Pahlish - Mummy's Boy Sample Batch -- October 2018
Pahlish – Mummy’s Boy Sample Batch // October 2018

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Pahlish – Sample Batch: Don’t Blink

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure was a pretty one from Pahlish. I don’t see this in her store anymore, so it must have been LE.  She has a lot of other gorgeous polishes HERE if you want to check them out! I am not affiliated with Pahlish.

05-01-2017 Pahlish - Sample Batch: Don't Blink -- RealPolishFanatic
Pahlish – Sample Batch: Don’t Blink

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Pahlish – Charn

Hi everyone! Hope you all are enjoying Easter Sunday today. Today’s manicure reminds me of speckled Easter eggs, so I thought it was a good one to wear. I just got this in the mail last week. It is still available as of my writing this post at the Pahlish store HERE. I am not affiliated with Pahlish.

04-16-2017 Pahlish - Charn -- RealPolishFanatic
Pahlish – Charn

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Pahlish – Opaleye & China Glaze – Let’s Shell-ebrate

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! My wish for all of us this new year is health and happiness, safety and peace! Today’s manicure is a nice combo using polishes from Pahlish and China Glaze.


Pahlish – Opaleye & China Glaze – Let’s Shell-ebrate

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Pahlish – Drift // 2016 Atmospheres Collection

Hey everyone! Today’s manicure is from a new Pahlish collection. It just launched a week ago Sunday and I already have it in my hot little hands! That was super quick shipping!

Pahlish- Drift // 2016 Atmospheres Collection

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Comparison: Recent Mint Holos // Cirque Colors vs Emily de Molly vs Pahlish

Hi everyone! Today I have a quick comparison of Cirque Colors Winter Bloom, Emily de Molly’s False Destiny and Weightless from Pahlish’s newest collection. These are all a little different, but enough to justify you owning all or even two of them? Keep reading to judge for yourself.

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Pahlish -Hoodies, Leaves and S’mores! // 2016 Ode To Fall Collection

Hi everybody! Today’s manicure is another Black Friday purchase from Pahlish. You can find this and so many great polishes at her shop HERE. She just came out with a new collection on Sunday and I can’t wait to get the ones I ordered from that! I am not affiliated with this brand, just a fan!


Pahlish -Hoodies, Leaves and S’mores! // 2016 Ode To Fall Collection

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Pahlish -The Boy Who Lived

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure is another from my Black Friday sale mail from Pahlish. This polish was a freebie with a certain purchase amount, so unfortunately it is no longer available. She does have some beautiful things though! If you want to check out her shop, you can find it HERE. I’m not affiliated with Pahlish, just a fan.

Pahlish – The Boy Who Lived

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