Supernatural Lacquer – The Devil Wears Spots (Reimagined)

Hi everyone! I just got some Supernatural Lacquer nail mail in last week and I hadn’t worn a glitter crelly in a long time, so for today’s manicure I chose The Devil Wears Spots (Reimagined).

This polish first came out in the Once Upon A Villain collection back in February 2016. In March of this year she re-released this collection, tweaking (or re-imagining) the polishes just a bit.

I did just order this last month, but looking today it is no longer available on the site. I do not know if she has plans to bring it back but you can check out her webstore HERE, I bet you’ll find something you’ll love! I also just got in and would highly recommend any of the “Ghoul’s”: Birthday Ghoul, Party Ghoul, or Living Dead Ghoul! I haven’t worn any of those, but from the bottles and painting my swatch rings, these all look gorgeous too!! I am not affiliated.

Supernatural Lacquer - The Devil Wears Spots (Reimagined)
Supernatural Lacquer – The Devil Wears Spots (Reimagined)

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