Urban Decay – X

Hey everyone! Today I have an older polish to share with you. I only just bought this from a destash a week ago and I really don’t know too much about it. I have just a few of these older style Urban Decay bottles and there is not a lot on the internet about them.

Urban Decay - X (25)
Urban Decay – X

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Urban Decay – Pallor / 2016 UD XX Vintage Collection

Hey everyone! I’m back! Well, mostly back. All my polish is still in boxes but that could take a long time to organize and put away. I’ll be showing some new purchases and some old favorites too! For today’s manicure I chose a neutral with a twist from the new Urban Decay XX Vintage Collection.

Urban Decay has re-released the 12 polishes that made up their very first collection way back in 1996. Most of these polishes had been discontinued and not available since the late 1990’s! You can only get these at urbandecay.com. I wasn’t into buying nail polish back then, so I missed out on these, and a lot of other really great polishes, so I’m glad to see these become available again. They are in UDs updated bottles and formulas. They’ve been out for a few weeks already but only one shows as being out of stock as of my writing this post.

09-03-2016 Urban Decay - Pallor / 2016 UD XX Vintage Collection
Urban Decay – Pallor / 2016 UD XX Vintage Collection

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