Blackheart Beauty – Scale Shimmer // Hot Topic Exclusive

Hi everyone! Well, I made another trip to Hot Topic the other day because someone posted this polish on the MUA nail board and I had to have it (and the 7 others that came home with me!). If you like this polish you may want to follow me on Instagram to see when I do my giveaway. I bought three extra of my favorites from this trip and will be giving them away sometime in the future. (Actual date TBD.) You can link to my Instagram page HERE. Or search for me @realpolishfanatic.

Blackheart Beauty is a brand that is exclusive to Hot Topic stores. I really love these polishes and they are only $5 and both times I’ve been in the store they have been buy one get one free, so total cost of just $2.50 each! You can’t beat that price!

Oh yeah, I have a lot of photos today! I am not affiliated with Blackheart Beauty or Hot Topic.

Blackheart Beauty - Scale Shimmer
Blackheart Beauty – Scale Shimmer

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