Sinful Colors – Stone Cold

Hey everyone!  I took a quick trip to the US to do some birthday shopping this week.  I saw this beauty in Walgreens and had to have it.  There’s nothing much online about this color.  I saw on the Sinful website that this is a Walgreens Exclusive.  I don’t know if it’s newer or older though. It wasn’t in a special display, just in a regular Sinful display hanging on the side of an endcap.

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Dance Legend Comme Il Faut 578 & Esmaltes da Kelly Pina Colada

Hey everyone! Today is officially the last day of summer, so I thought I’d do one more Hurrah to summer!  Not to say I won’t wear bright colors in the winter. My motto is All the Colors All the Time!

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Nabi Hologram – Navy Blue & Zoya – Dream

Hey everyone!  Today I’m sharing my birthday mani.  I went with blue to match my birthstone which is Sapphire.  I had to nub my nails so short!  I like them though. Good for dark, vampy colors so watch out for those in the upcoming weeks.

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Jade – Exuberant & Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend – #33 Casket

Hi everyone!  I have another pretty mani to show you guys! I feel like a broken record, everyday I say I love my mani’s.  Well, it’s to be expected I guess. I’m only going to buy things that I love (hopefully). But it’s not too hard to thrill me with nail polish. I’m not super picky and will wear almost anything!

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