Blogger Collaboration – Florals

Hi everyone!  It’s time for my next Blogger Collaboration post! A bunch of bloggers from around the world have come together to do a post on a theme each month. This month’s theme is Floral. My fellow bloggers put my stamping job to shame (they are all so good and have gorgeous creations!) but I try.

Blogger Collaboration

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Blogger Collaboration: The Weather

Hi everyone! Once a month 8 bloggers (including myself) from around the world get together to do a blog post around a theme. This month’s theme is the weather. Here in the US we have a saying “April showers bring May flowers”. We usually don’t get a lot of rain in Southern California but this year it has been a crazy amount so far.

Blogger Collaboration

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Nail Q&A – Blogger Collaboration

Hi everyone! A few bloggers from around the world have come together to do a Blogger Collaboration post once a month or so. Today is the first one! This is a Q & A post to get to know each of us better. At the bottom of the post there will be links to all the other bloggers taking part!

Blogger Collaboration


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