My Anonymous Lacquer Collection

Hey everyone! Can you believe I’m still in the “A” brands on my spreadsheet (8 more to go!)?  This will be a long process! I hope you all are enjoying the process though! I’m really enjoying going through everything! Some of these haven’t seen the light for years!

Today I am up to Anonymous Lacquer. Do you own any from this brand?

My Anonymous Lacquer Collection

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A England – Purple/Gray Skittles

Hi everyone! I’m back with another skittle mani using A England polish.  These are purple / purple gray. I broke two nails in the shower (!) the other day so I’m back to nubbins.

A England: Wuthering Heights, Jane Morris, Dancing with Nureyev, Lady of the Lake

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A England – Red Skittles

Hi everyone! I’m continuing with my journey through my stash. I’m up to A England. I wanted this to be an all red skittle, but I only have three reds so I had to make do with what I had.

A England: Rosebower, Perceval, Briarwood, Fated Prince

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Color Club – Halo Jewels // Fall 2020

Hey everyone! I received the 6 piece Halo Jewels Collection by Color Club the other day and had to swatch them on a nail wheel and share right away! I ordered these from I have all the other Halo Hues (except one I think I gave to a friend who admired it) and love them so much (and these did not disappoint either!!) Hopefully later this week I can do a couple comparisons and update the post with those.

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Nail Pattern Boldness – The Headless Horseman

Hey everyone! Today I have another Halloween type mani to share! This is from Nail Pattern Boldness. I first bought polishes from her way back in 2012. She used to be a regular poster on Makeup Alley back then (when I was just a lurker) and she was one of the first indies I bought from. She’s quietly been around since then, you don’t hear about her too often. I got an email a couple weeks ago that she was having a closeout clearance sale in her Etsy shop. She’s quitting making polish except for her base and top coats. So she’s selling grab bags of “however many fit in a flat rate padded envelope” for $25.00. Shipping is included but I had to pay a little extra in tax. What a great deal! I ended up with 12 polishes in my mystery bag and this was one of them!

Nail Pattern Boldness - The Headless Horseman
Nail Pattern Boldness – The Headless Horseman

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Essie Gorgeous Geode Collection – June 2019

Hi everyone! Today I have the 6 piece Essie collection called Gorgeous Geode. This is a collection of six ultra holo fleck neutral polishes. I bought this at a couple weeks ago. I am not affiliated with 8ty8 or Essie.

This is a long, picture heavy post!

Essie Gorgeous Geode Collection June 2019.jpg
Essie Gorgeous Geode Collection – June 2019

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Colors by Llarowe – Meet Me Over the Rainbow Bridge

Hi everyone! It’s with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes that I’m writing this post. We had to send my old man Chico to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. I knew he had terminal cancer, I knew he only had about 3 months to live starting 3 months ago, so I knew it was coming but it’s still so hard. For the last 12 years we were best buddies, inseparable, he always being my shadow. I know he’s better off, pain free, running and playing with his big sister Pepper at the bridge waiting there for me. RIP Chico ♥♥

Colors by Llarowe - Meet Me Over The Rainbow Bridge
Colors by Llarowe – Meet Me Over the Rainbow Bridge


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NAVNI Beauty – May 2019 Mother’s Day Trio

Press Sample Pink


Hi everyone! Today I have the new Mother’s Day trio from NAVNI Beauty! It is up on her Etsy website right now as a pre-order ending on May 15, 2019! These are just $10.50 each!

Go check out her out HERE! These were sent to me to swatch and give an honest review. By the way, my sample bottles have hand written labels, yours will be her normal printed labels.

NAVNI Beauty May 2019 Mothers Day Trio (1)
NAVNI Beauty – Mother’s Day Trio / May 2019

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Tonic Polish – There’s Magic In Your Hair 2.0 // January 2019 Release

Hi everyone! I’ve been wearing today’s manicure since last Friday (today is Wednesday!) and it is still perfect! There are a lot of colors and holo to keep your attention and keep you entertained as you wear it. The best news, it’s still available! I don’t know how long it’ll be available, so don’t wait too long if you like it! You can find the Tonic website HERE. I am not affiliated, just a huge fan!

I have ALOT of photos today!

tonic polish - there's magic in your hair 2.0 -- january 2019 release
Tonic Polish – There’s Magic In Your Hair 2.0 // January 2019 Release

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Colors by Llarowe – Courage, Brains, Heart // April 2014 A Box Indied

Hi everyone! Today I have an oldie to share with you. I got this back in April 2014 as part of “A Box Indied” that Llarowe used to do. I’m wearing this as a tribute to a dear internet friend that is battling cancer. She’s fighting so hard and I pray for her for strength and courage to continue fighting!

Colors by Llarowe - Courage, Brains, Heart
Colors by Llarowe – Courage, Brains, Heart // April 2014 A Box Indied

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