Rescue Beauty Lounge – GalaxSea

Hey everyone!  Today I have a beauty from (the now out of business) Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL).

Rescue Beauty Lounge - GalaxSea
Rescue Beauty Lounge – GalaxSea

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Rainbow Honey – Annual Emotion

Hi everyone!  Today I have a pretty polish from Rainbow Honey to share with you.

Rainbow Honey - Annual Emotion
Rainbow Honey – Annual Emotion

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Ninja Polish – Sapphire Dreams

Hey everyone!  Today I have another gorgeous polish from Ninja Polish to share with you. I know this is a winner because even my husband commented on it saying he really likes this color!  Also the cashier at Best Buy said she really liked it too. I love getting complements on my nails in real life!

Ninja Polish - Sapphire Dreams
Ninja Polish – Sapphire Dreams

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Ninja Polish – Mystic Glacier

Hey everyone!  I got one of my biggest lemmings in the mail last week!  All I have to say is I hope Ninja Polish is able to secure more of the pigment needed to re-release this polish because I need a backup and everyone needs to own this!

Ninja Polish - Mystic Glacier

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