A England – Red Skittles

Hi everyone! I’m continuing with my journey through my stash. I’m up to A England. I wanted this to be an all red skittle, but I only have three reds so I had to make do with what I had.

A England: Rosebower, Perceval, Briarwood, Fated Prince

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1422 Designs – A Fedora For Fiona // PGB June 2020

Hi everyone! 3 posts in a row! Are you all getting tired of me yet? 🙂

Continuing with my Journey through my Stash, I have 1422 Designs. This polish was exclusive to the Polished Gamers Box back in June 2020 so is not available unless she has some overpour available, she may sell it as a mystery polish in her shop.

1422 Designs – A Fedora For Fiona // PGB June 2020

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1850 Artisan Polish – Sparkly Skittles

Hi everyone! So I was looking back at my blog for 2020 and I realize I made a whopping  13 posts! For the whole year! I thank you all for continuing to follow along with me even though I hardly ever posted! I hope to get back into posting more regularly in 2021! I don’t get much, if any, PR from brands so this will be a journey through my stash.

I have thousands of bottles of nail polish. Many of them unworn. To keep up with that many polishes, I have a spreadsheet. I’m going to start at the top of my spreadsheet and dedicate one (or maybe more) post(s) highlighting  a few polishes from each brand I own.

I’m starting with 1850 Artisan Polish. Here is a pink/purple sparkly skittle mani.

1850 Artisan Polish: Make It Pink, Hollywood, True Loves Kiss, At Last I See the Light.

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