The Nail Bazaar – Cosmic Cranberry

Hi everyone! Today I have another ‘new to me’ brand, The Nail Bazaar! She was having a great sale so I had to take part and order a few things. Shipping was super fast and everything was packaged really well. You can find her shop HERE. I am not affiliated.

The Nail Bazaar - Cosmic Cranberry
The Nail Bazaar – Cosmic Cranberry

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Catrice Cosmetics – ICONails Gel Lacquer // Nail Polish Now Available to the USA!

Hi everyone! Catrice Cosmetics is a brand from Europe that has not been available to those of us here in the USA, at least since swapping overseas has become so difficult. I have many Catrice polishes from back in the day that are so pretty and unusual.

Quite awhile ago I saw that Catrice Cosmetics had a US website for some of their makeup and I messaged them asking if they would ever bring any of their polish over and they said to keep watching. Quite a few months later I got an email that nail polish was available on their US website! I rushed right over to take a look (and place an order of course!). Mostly they have cremes available with one duochrome shimmer. They also have a few LE glitter polishes under the “Dazzle Bomb” then “Dazzle Nail Lacquer” headings under “Limited Editions”. These polishes are made in Luxembourg and are  10.5ml (ICONails) or France and they are 10ml (Dazzle Bomb).

So I picked out 6 polishes plus one of the Dazzle Glitters and a peel Off Basecoat to try out. You can find Catrice Cosmetics HERE for the US. I am not affiliated. Here are my picks.

Catrice Polish - My picks (3)
Catrice Cosmetics – ICONails Gel Lacquer Nail Polish // My Picks

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