Ms. Sparkle – Opia // Pretty Purist Collection

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure comes all the way from the Netherlands! I finally got my first Ms. Sparkle order. There was a group buy in one of the Facebook groups I belong to for an exclusive polish from Ms. Sparkle (not this polish, this one just came along for the ride). 🙂 I bought six polishes total and I’m pretty happy with them so far!

Ms. Sparkle Opia
Ms. Sparkle – Opia

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Layering Mani: Deborah Lippmann – Supermodel & Color Club – Si Vous Please!

Hey everyone! Today’s manicure is a jelly sandwich. Think I’m wearing tiny bread and jelly on my nails? Continue reading to see what I’m really talking about!

Deborah Lippmann – Supermodel & Color Club Si Vous Please!

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BB Couture – Dragon’s Breath

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure fooled me. I thought I was going to have a purple glitter mani (from looking at the bottle), but it turned out to be a raspberry red. Oh well, you have to roll with the punches sometimes!

04-27-2016 BB Couture - Dragon's Breath
BB Couture – Dragon’s Breath

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Prince Tribute: Colors by Llarowe – Purple Rain & Deborah Lippmann – Let’s Go Crazy

Hey everyone! Sad day for music yesterday, losing Prince. My high school years were filled with all his popular songs! He will be missed by so many! Today’s manicure features nail polishes named after song titles of two of his big hits.

04-22-2016 Colors by Llarowe - Purple Rain & Deborah Lippmann - Let's Go Crazy
Colors by Llarowe – Purple Rain & Deborah Lippmann – Let’s Go Crazy

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Gloss ‘N Sparkle – The Huntress

Hi everyone! What a beautiful day here in Canada today! Today’s manicure is a pretty glitter from Gloss ‘N Sparkle. An Australian Indie brand.

04-15-2016 Gloss 'N Sparkle - The Huntress
Gloss ‘N Sparkle – The Huntress

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OPI – Jasper Jade & Dance Legend – Tetraodon

Hi everyone! Today’s manicure has an extra special polish in it. I never thought I would own OPI Jasper Jade, but an awesome member of MUA just found this at Winners (now, what a 20 year old OPI was doing at a Winners I don’t know) and she posted about it but mentioned that is was really thick and she didn’t know if she could revive it or not. She said she could return it if she couldn’t get it to work and I posted NO! please send it to me before you return it!! So that’s how I came to own this beautiful old polish! 

03-01-2016 OPI - Jasper Jade & Dance Legend - Tetraodon
OPI – Jasper Jade & Dance Legend – Tetraodon

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Sinful Colors – Devil’s Stare

Hey everyone!  Today I have a pretty polish from Sinful Colors to share with you.  After seeing just one swatch of this polish I had to have it!  My only problem was, Sinful Colors is so hard to find in Canada.  Plus this particular polish was from a LE Halloween collection AND exclusive to Walgreens.  I was hoping to find one hiding in the back of a display while I was visiting in the US in December so I stopped at almost every Walgreens I found, but no luck. I had to break down and order it from Ebay.  Now I just read last week they are re-promoting this polish, so if you missed out on it last year, you may have another chance to get it. Yay!!

Sinful Colors - Devil's Stare
Sinful Colors – Devil’s Stare

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