My B Polished Nail Lacquer Collection

Hey everyone! I’m up to the B’s in my journey through my stash. I have some big brands in this category, but this first brand has just 2 polishes.

Here I will share my B Polished Nail Lacquer collection.

B Polished: Bubblicious and One Hella-va Ride

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Aziza Nail Polish

Hey everyone! The last day of February brings the last of my nail polish brands that start with A! Today I have Aziza! Have you heard of this brand? Do you own any?

Unnamed Aziza Nail Polish

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My Anonymous Lacquer Collection

Hey everyone! Can you believe I’m still in the “A” brands on my spreadsheet (8 more to go!)?  This will be a long process! I hope you all are enjoying the process though! I’m really enjoying going through everything! Some of these haven’t seen the light for years!

Today I am up to Anonymous Lacquer. Do you own any from this brand?

My Anonymous Lacquer Collection

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